Photonic Platform for Quantum Technologies


Spoke 4 aims at developing photon-based quantum technologies within the national Italian context. This research field exploits photons as quantum information carriers. Thus, Spoke 4 activities involve several aspects of fundamental research regarding photonics, such as the interaction between non-classical light and matter in order to design single-photon sources, and new schemes for quantum-light manipulation and detection across a broad range of frequencies (from the visible to the far-infrared). Applications include the whole spectrum of QST applications from quantum communication to the simulation of quantum chemical and physical systems.

Topics and Objectives

The Spoke targets bulk and integrated platforms, employing different materials (e.g., molecules, semiconductor quantum dots, diamonds, ...), different technologies and architectures (e.g., 1D, 2D or heterostructured geometries) with an interdisciplinary approach lying at the interface between quantum optics, (nano) fabrication and photonics.

The main objectives of Spoke 4 are the development of all the required photonic components:

  • Sources of photonics quantum states;
  • Devices for the manipulation;
  • Detectors in the single/multi photon regime;
  • Interface with the hardware developed in Spokes 3 and 5.

The activity of this Spoke is in strong synergy with the activities carried out by Spokes 1 and 2 (theory) and by Spokes 6 and 7.

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