NQSTI contribution to QuantERA


The QuantERA II ERA-NET Cofund is a consortium of national and regional Research Funding Organisations in Europe financing research projects in Quantum Technologies (QT). QuantERA II Consortium aims to stimulate and intensify QT research and innovation at the European level, through a framework for funding excellent transnational collaborative projects, recognising and rewarding outstanding research ideas in the field of QT.

NQSTI joined QuantERA II as an essential step that will allow Italian researchers to be in contact with essentially all the available expertise in Europe, therefore ensuring the maximum efficacy to NQSTI project in stimulating and synergizing Italian research in Quantum Science and Technology.

NQSTI contribution to QuantERA Call 2023 is of 1 M€, concentrated on the topic Quantum Phenomena and Resources. In line with NQSTI mission, the goal is to lay the foundations for future QT. Hence, the focus is on basic quantum science and fundamental physics, and the proposals should explore novel quantum phenomenta, concepts, resources, protocols, ..., or address major challenges that prevent the application of QT.

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