Foundations and Architectures for Quantum Information Processing and Communication


Spoke 1 focuses on fundamental concepts, theoretical models, tools, and mathematical methods for the development of novel architectures and protocols for information transmission and processing with quantum systems. This includes systems for communication, cryptography and information security, development of new communication protocols and theoretical aspects of their implementation.  This spoke also deals with information storage and processing, as well as optimization methods and algorithms, including the development and applications of artificial intelligence techniques.

Topics and Objectives

  • Consolidating the foundations of processes and protocols at the basis of quantum information (QI) and quantum technologies (QT);
  • A detailed exploration of quantum phenomena, concepts, and systems;
  • Identifying new potentials of development for QI and QT;
  • Specifying concepts and protocols for the available technological platforms.

The activity of this Spoke is in strong synergy with the activities carried out in Spoke 2 (theory) and Spoke 3, Spoke 4, and Spoke 5 (platforms).

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