Complete Quantum System


Full modelization and characterization of the quantum demonstrators developed in Spoke 7. The topic of QSTs is placed, for its basic research elements and for its nature of enabling technology, transversal to the Missions of Horizon Europe with immediate application implications in all of them. To understand them it is appropriate to refer to the applications as identified in our program and in particular in Spoke 7: Quantum Imaging, Quantum Sensors, Quantum Communication Systems, Quantum Simulators. Spoke 7 is devoted to the realization of complete quantum systems, where all the steps necessary for the quantum protocol are prepared in a package end-users can access without the need to control and manage every physical aspect of the protocol itself.

Topics and Objectives

Spoke 7 will focus on the application-oriented development of complete quantum systems based on novel ideas developed in collaboration with spokes 1 and 2, as well as integrated devices and modules that have been simulated, designed and tested in spokes 3, 4, 5 and 6.

This will require:

  • the development of innovative integration techniques for the combination of specific modules;
  • the realization of integrated systems that combine sensing, transmission, and processing capabilities;
  • the creation of dedicated packages;
  • the creation of innovative interfaces for the management of the signals detected by the integrated systems.

In a first phase, integration at system level will rely on quantum-based devices already developed or under development by the NQSTI partner institutions; in a second phase, devices and integrated modules developed by the others will be considered as well. Complete quantum systems will be tested in laboratory experiments aimed at demonstrating their potential for possible industrial use. For this reason, the demonstrators will be developed by taking into consideration the indications of the partner companies and will be mainly dedicated to application fields such as security, space, environment, biomedical devices and energy.

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