Foundations and Architectures for Quantum Sensing, Metrology, Novel Materials and Sustainability


The measurement of physical properties of radiation and matter is at the core of quantum physics: it embodies its peculiarities and represents its potential. Hence, a deeper understanding of quantum measurements opens the door for sensors with unprecedented performance and for novel metrology protocols. These foundational studies involve thermodynamical aspects, as well as an overarching assessment of the energetic budget of any complete quantum information processing architecture.  

Topics and Objectives

Spoke 2 investigates driven-dissipative and complex many-body systems, in order to assess their ability to provide a quantum benefit for quantum information processing, quantum simulation, and quantum sensing.

Special attention is paid to novel materials, metamaterials, and novel phases of matter. We also investigate the energetic aspects of quantum technologies, in order to establish their energetic and environmental footprint, and make them sustainable.

The main objectives are:

  • modeling decoherence sources, focusing on atomic, photonic and solid-state platforms (Spokes 3, 4 and 5);
  • designing quantum control techniques to harness their deleterious effects;
  • studying quantum error correction, also going beyond the qubit paradigm, on open-loop and closed-loop schemes, applying them also to enhanced quantum sensing and thermodynamics.

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