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The National Quantum Science and Technology Institute

The National Quantum Science and Technology Institute (NQSTI) is a consortium funded under Piano Nazionale di Ripresa e Resilienza (PNRR) in the framework of the European Union - NextGenerationEU. It was officially launched in January 2023 and will run for three years. Our ambitious goals are:

  • to team up Italian entities carrying out competitive and innovative research in the field of quantum science and technology (QST), and
  • to stimulate future industrial innovation in this field, providing a forum in which novel ideas and opportunities are transferred to companies. Moreover, a significant fraction of the project resources is dedicated to support a comprehensive education program,to favour technology transfer to companies,and to implement a robust outreach program to make QST pervasive in the society."


The consortium NQSTI at a glance

116 M€
years lifespan
Researchers and engineers across Italy
Institutions (research centres, universities and enterprises)

Latest News

Left: ensemble of single photon emitters originating from moiré excitons formed by electrons and holes confined in different 2D crystals. Center: signature of moiré exciton delocalisation induced by temperature as deduced by the rate of  exciton increase with potential population. Right: signature of moiré exciton delocalisation induced by temperature as deduced by the exciton magnetic moment.
Research highlight

Moiré exciton localisation-to-delocalisation transition

The large interest of scientists for 2D crystals regards them not only as standing alone lattices, but also when combine...

Logo NQSTI - Bandi a cascata

Bandi a cascata: Elenco bandi pubblicati

Finanziamenti destinati ad organismi di ricerca pubblici o privati italiani, che non siano già partners del National Qua...

Stark effect: scheme of the quantum dot source and energy diagram of the emission process
Research highlight

Faster, brighter, ever more entangled: how far can we push quantum-dot emitters?

Long from being solely an argument for physical paradoxes, entangled photons are now investigated as a basic resource fo...