New cooperation opportunities: NQSTI meets the U.S. Science Envoy on Quantum Technology

U.S. and Italy national flags
U.S. and Italy national flags

On September 5, NQSTI scientists Fabio Beltram and Fabio Sciarrino met Prof. Narang, U.S. Science Envoy on Quantum Technology, to discuss the potential bilateral synergy between U.S. and Italy quantum ecosystems. The meeting was held in Rome with the participation of representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and of other institutions.
Through the U.S. Science Envoy Program coordinated by the U.S. Department of State, eminent U.S. scientists and engineers leverage their expertise and networks to forge connections and identify opportunities for sustained international cooperation.

In particular, NQSTI presented its vision on international collaborations and all the ongoing research and development activities (link).

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