National Quantum Science and Technology Institute

The Institute is a consortium that teams up 20 Italian entities carrying out competitive and innovative research in the field of Quantum Science and Technology (QST).
NQSTI addresses the entire innovation chain, from the strengthening and coordination of the low-TRL research, to its translation into prototypes, favoring interfacing with industrial needs thanks to strong outreach and continued-education programs. The Institute supports the creation and incubation of spin-offs and start-ups that can move research outcomes up in the TRL-ranking with a special focus on southern Italy.



NQSTI is the enlarged partnership on QST established under the NRRP National Recovery and Resilience Plan Mission 4 Component 2 Investment 1.3 funded by the European Union – NextGenerationEU.


The cross-cutting priorities

NQSTI: a new innovation ecosystem in which the ability to study and manipulate quantum objects (atoms, molecules, photons, and electrons) is ultimately translated into industrial applications.
We develop new technical infrastructures, define new standards, train new technical and professional figures, and create a new coordination center between public and private sectors with a particular focus on the development of southern Italian regions.

Our aims


Team up Italian entities carrying out competitive and innovative research in QST


Stimulate future industrial innovation in this field


Provide a forum in which novel ideas and opportunities are transferred to companies


Favor successful Italian participation in European and international programs