Electron-based Platform for Quantum Technologies

Topics and Objectives

Spoke 5 targets the creation of a coordinated network of QST fabrication facilities, a national quantum fab that contributes to NQSTI goals by the design, fabrication and characterization of solid-state systems whose shape, chemical composition and structure are tailored to host the electronic configurations of interest for QST. In particular, it will explore the implementation of the functional elements developed by scientists in Spokes 1 and 2, but, more in general, it is available as a resource for the whole Italian QST community.

Electronic configurations comprise both individual electron states and emerging collective excitations (charge-, phase-, and spin-based configurations) of interest for QST in all its fields of application.

This platform builds on advanced nanofabrication, materials science, and quantum-device engineering expertise to produce the physical implementation of QST building blocks, while, at the same time, pursuing their integrability within state-of-the-art optoelectronics architectures. Importantly, participants are equipped to demonstrate the quantum functionality of the produced systems, thanks to their dedicated tools and protocols.

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