Atomic, Molecular Platform for Quantum Technologies


Spoke 3 exploits neutral atoms, molecules and ions to quantum engineer systems from first principles, with thorough control of interactions, particle statistics, system dimensionality, and even topological or transport properties all the way to the single particle level. We shall import novel paradigms from the upstream theoretical activities to develop and experimentally demonstrate novel quantum devices ready to be integrated and form the basis of novel quantum architectures.

Topics and Objectives

The objectives of spoke 3 are the development of:

  • novel techniques and resources for preparing atomic, molecular and ionic homogenous and hybrid systems with reduced entropy, enhanced control of external fields and optimized encoding of quantum states;
  • new schemes for quantum-state detection with high spatial, temporal and spectroscopic resolution, whenever possible non-destructively; 
  • quantum optimal-control protocols that maximize the fidelity and speed of specific quantum tasks, also in the presence of strong entanglement/correlations; 
  • reliable, robust and controllable quantum interfaces between different atomic, molecular and optical systems to connect them with one another and with those based on solid state platforms.

The activity of this Spoke is in strong synergy with the activities carried out by Spokes 1 and 2 (theory) and by Spokes 6 and 7.

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