Education and Outreach


The second quantum revolution requires a quantum workforce with technical and transversal skills, able to operate within scientific and industrial organizations both at a national and international level. Our first goal is the development of quantum technology (QT)-oriented education and training. Such an activity encompasses all the educational levels from high school to higher education. Moreover, it includes the essential professional (re)training to meet the increasing demand of highly qualified personnel in quantum-related technologies. Special care will be devoted to guarantee wide access to the QST field, taking into account factors such as gender equality and diversity. 

On the other side, a great number of companies and professional organizations are not yet aware of the potential of quantum technologies, but they might become relevant stakeholders in the future. Thus, our second goal is to raise public awareness of QST in these audiences and, more generally, throughout society.

Topics and Objectives

The three main objectives are: 

  • QT-oriented education: from high school to university. We aim at identifying educational standards and strategies suitable for the different audiences. We plan to establish minors in quantum technologies for non-physicists, as well as post-graduate courses in collaboration with industrial partners. We will organize workshops and schools for early career investigators, with the participation of international speakers and representatives from industry; 
  • QT-oriented training: Establishment of teacher professional development courses and (re)training activities for industry employees formulated to achieve different levels of proficiency in quantum technologies;.
  • Outreach initiatives: We will organize exhibits, public lectures and webinars, produce short movies on QTS and collaborate with science festivals and other national and EU outreach initiatives.

Education and training activities align with the European Competence Framework for Quantum Technologies developed by QTEdu CSA.

Spoke 9 is also in charge of:

  • Placement activities at the high-school and university level. Opportunities will be advertised here;
  • Recruitment actions with open calls for fixed-term researchers and relocation allowance for researchers hired by NQSTI with a documented research activity abroad also favoring gender balance. Calls will be advertised here;
  • Communication: website, social media and development of materials to inform about the project.

News and events