18-month research grant at UNICAM


Research grant on "Numerical study of Josephson and proximity quantum coherent phenomena for innovative superconducting devices "

The research activity will be carried out at the University of Camerino. The grant holder will have to carry out theoretical and computational research on macroscopic and coherent quantum phenomena generated by superconducting materials, such as Josephson and proximity effects. In particular, these phenomena will be studied in superconducting devices and geometries or circuits at the nanoscale relevant for quantum technologies, such as qubits or sensors of photons and very weak magnetic fields. Ferromagnetic superconducting hybrid devices or other topological configurations of interest will also be considered. The choice of superconducting materials to be studied will include high critical temperature cuprate superconductors in the form of two-dimensional flakes for the creation of innovative and controllable Josephson junctions, and their applications to qubits, in addition to the study of the phenomena described above for multi-band and multi-component superconductors of the superconducting condensate. Theoretical methods will include the use of diagrammatic techniques and advanced numerical solutions of self-consistency equations for non-homogeneous superconducting systems, starting from the average field level, up to the inclusion of fluctuation effects, with the aim of calculating some physical quantities that are comparable with the experiments in progress or of which predictions will be provided. 

Grant duration: 18 months (with possibility of renewal)

Additional information

Applicants should hold a Master's degree in Physics.

For more information: https://www.unicam.it/bandi/2023/bando-protn-84612-del-5122023

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