Research Fellowship at the University of Parma


The opening position is for one year (renewable for another 1 year) Research Fellowship. 

Research topic: Study of novel algorithms for quantum optimization and quantum machine learning 

The research activity will concern the design and implementation of novel approaches for solving optimization problems by means of quantum computers. The developed algorithms will be evaluated both in simulations and on real quantum computers. The research activity will also concern quantum machine learning, trying to leverage the specific properties of quantum computers to define and experiment new models. Particular attention will be placed on modularity and efficiency aspects of the adopted quantum circuits. 

Suitable candidates must own a MSc degree in one of the following classes: Computer Engineering (LM-32 or 35/S or V.O.), Electronic Engineering (LM-29 or 32/S or V.O.), Communications Engineering (LM-27 or 30/S or V.O.), Computer Science (LM-18 or 23/S or V.O.), Physics (LM-17 or 20/S or V.O.), Mathematics (LM-40 or 45/S or V.O.). 

The activity will start in December 2023 and will be carried out at the Dept. of Engineering and Architecture of the University of Parma (Parma, Italy), under the supervision of prof. Michele Amoretti (director of the Quantum Software Laboratory). 

Salary (gross): €23.891 per year. 

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Information about the application procedure

Keywords: quantum optimization, quantum machine learning 

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