One fixed-term researcher at Scuola Normale Superiore (Pisa)


Call for recruitment of 1 fixed-term researcher Academic discipline FIS/03 

The Scuola Normale Superiore announces a selection for the recruitment of 1 fixed-term researcher under art. 24, par. 3, letter a) of the Law 240/2010, engaged on the basis of a full time appointment for a three-year term and by the stipulation of a private-law employment contract, to carry out research activities, teaching activities, supplementary teaching activities and tutoring to students, in the - Academic recruitment field: 02/B1 - EXPERIMENTAL PHYSICS OF MATTER - Academic discipline FIS/03 – PHYSICS OF MATTER - Research programme covered by the contract, as part of the extended partnership project "National Quantum Science and Technology Institute" (NQSTI): the fabrication, electrical characterisation and modelling of solid state devices for the creation of electron configurations of interest for quantum sciences and technologies. 

Research activities 

The research activity to be carried out, which falls within the NQSTI extended partnership project, will concern topics relevant to the s.s.d. FIS/03, with particular reference to electronic systems implemented in the solid state of interest for quantum sciences and technologies regarding their fabrication, modelling and electrical characterisation also at very low temperatures and/or high spatial resolution. Of particular interest are the superconductor/normal hybrid architectures in the case of multibody emergent states and of innovative normal nanostructured systems. The selected researcher's tasks of teaching, supplementary teaching and services to students will involve giving lectures and practicals and any teaching support, principally within the goals of the NQSTI extended partnership on the foundations and applications of quantum sciences and technologies in accordance with the specifications of the plans laid out by the competent academic bodies on a yearly basis, subject to the reporting rules of the NRRP extended partnerships. 


The selection procedure is open to Italian and non-Italian applicants who have completed in Italy or abroad a PhD in Physics, Engineering. Additional competence and/or experience relevant to the choice of the researcher: knowledge of English language. Applications cannot be invited from: 

a) those who do not enjoy civil or political rights; 

b) those who have been excluded from the active political electorate or who have been dismissed from or relieved of their public administration position because of unsatisfactory performance, or who have been declared as having forfeited any other state employment, in accordance with Art. 127, letter d) of the T.U. (Unified Law), approved by President of the Republic's Decree (D.P.R.) No. 3 of 10/1/1957, for having obtained the position by submitting false or altered non-curable invalidity documents, or who have been dismissed from their position with a public administration for disciplinary reasons; 

c) those who have incurred penal sentences incompatible with the status of public employee, which would lead to the university institution that has announced the call to dismiss them from the position in accordance with Art. 127, first para., letter d) of the Testo Unico (Unified Law) of the regulations concerning the statute of State civil employees, issued with D.P.R. No. 3 of 10/1/1957; 

d) those who have not fulfilled their military service obligations (if applicable); 

e) full or associate university professors and university researchers already permanently employed at an Italian university, even if the employment has been terminated; 

f) candidates who have had fixed-term contracts as research fellow or researcher as provided in Arts. 22 and 24 of Italian Law 240/10 (in the text in force before the entry into force of Law no. 79/2022) at the Scuola or at other Italian universities, whether public, private or online, or bodies under Par. 1 of Art. 22 of Italian Law 240/10 for a period which, including the intended duration of the current selection, exceeds a total of twelve years, even if not continuing; 

g) pursuant to art 18 paragraph 1 letter C) of L.240/2010 candidates who have a family relationship or affinity, up to the fourth degree, with -the Director, -the Secretary General, -a professor of the Academic Senate or - a member of the Executive Council of the Scuola - the funder of the position In addition, the professors of the Academic Senate, the General Secretary, the members of the Executive Council, the funder of the position at the publication of the recruitment resolution or at any later moment up until the appointment of a fixed-term researcher - cannot participate in the selection process nor be awarded the contract. 

Duration of the contract: 3 years. 

Annual gross compensation: € 36,839.00.

Contact details for further information 

- For further administrative information about the application procedure and the relative documentation, or about the selection process itself, please contact the Servizio Amministrazione del Personale (e-mail 

- For technical problems contact the online help desk visualised in the section at the foot of the page of the web site

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