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Theory and experimental measurements of the pump and the signal photon. The pump has a star sin- gularity structure generated with the superposition of light beams carrying orbital angular momentum of 0 and 1 ̄h values, and opposite-handedness circular polarization. The signal photon is measured with a lemon singularity structure when the idler photon is projected along the diagonal polarization.
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Generation of heralded vector-polarized single photons in remotely controlled topological classes

We created a quantum source of photon pairs with polarization complex structures.The entangle property in the orbital an...

Generation of unconventional electronic dynamics on a new type of exotic material known as platinum ditelluride.
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Terahertz and Infrared Plasmon Polaritons in Topological Semimetal

img { max-width: 80%; height: auto; } Through the scientific synergy between the teams led by Stefano Lupi fro...

Sketch of the integrated photonic device and possible selection of different input probe states.
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Variational quantum algorithm for experimental photonic multiparameter estimation

In a recent publication appeard on npj Quantum Information scientists from Sapienza University of Rome in a collaboratio...

SEM image of the T-type superconducting quantum network with 10 flux qubits.
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Demonstration of quantum networks of qubits with highly entangled quantum phases

CNR-SPIN (M. Lisitskiy) and CNR-ISASI (B. Ruggiero), have carried out a study of collective quantum dynamics of a superc...

Ultracold sodium atoms, prepared in a false vacuum state (blue), decay to the true vacuum (red) through the formation of bubbles".
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Bubbles of ultracold atoms to understand the quantum vacuum and the universe

In which kind of vacuum is our universe? Modern physics describes our universe as an intricate outcome of the interactio...

a) Sample fabrication. A thick silicon on insulator (SOI) sample is implanted with carbon ions and recrystallized by annealing at high temperature. By optical lithography and chemical etching, membranes are formed and then SiN is deposited. b) Scanning electron micrograph (SEM) of SOI membranes before SiN deposition. c) SEM of a strained SOI membrane with SiN on top. d) Photoluminescence spectra from an ensemble of G-centers as a function of the membrane size.
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Strain Engineering of the Electronic States of Silicon-Based Quantum Emitters

In a recent publication appeared on Advanced Optical Materials, scientists from an European collaboration led by prof. F...