STUPOR QUANTI - The Wonders of Quantum Mechanics

Stupor Quanti Flyer
Stupor Quanti Flyer

The best word to describe the effect that quantum mechanics has on everyone who learns something about it - from the layman to the experienced practitioner - is “stupor”, which comes from Latin and means “wonder” or “marvel”. This is also part of its beauty. Nothing other than quantum mechanics has the ability to amaze us.

With this event, in the year of the 800th anniversary of the University of Naples Federico II, we begin a series of yearly named lectures by distinguished scientists on the foundations and applications of quantum mechanics. The founder of the University, Federico II, was called stupor mundi, the `marvel of the world’. In his honor, we name this priced lecture "stupor quanti".

The marvel of quantum physics. The "stupor quanti" priced lecture will be broadcast and all the lectures of the event will be published in a dedicated venue. Every five years, the stupor quanti lectures will be collected in a volume and re-published.

The event lasts half the day. The first lecture is by Seth Lloyd. He is a professor of mechanical engineering and physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His research area is the interplay of information with complex systems, especially quantum systems. He has performed seminal work in the fields of quantum computation, quantum communication and quantum biology. He proposed the first technologically feasible design for a quantum computer, demonstrated the viability of quantum analog computation, proved quantum analogs of Shannon's noisy channel theorem, and developed novel methods for quantum error correction and noise reduction.  

University of Naples "Federico II" - Physics Department - Aula Caianello

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University of Naples "Federico II" and NQSTI

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